Castle Hotel Rooms & Bungalow Rooms

Geulzicht Castle has 10 hotel rooms in the castle and 2 bungalow rooms in the annexbuilding at 3 metres from the castle. They are all differently furnished and breathe their very own character.

All the rooms have a flatscreen, radio, minibar, private safe, trouser press, blow dryer, telephone with a direct outside line, and private bathroom. The sanitary facilities vary from room to room.

All rooms have a bath, 4 rooms a sunken Roman bath and 1 room has a whirpool/hydrosauna. In 2 rooms you will find a private terrace.

Type A: Bath, 25 m2

Type A: Bath, 25 m2

castle room roman bath |

Type B: Roman Bath, 34 m2

castle hotel holland room with terrace |

Type C1: With Terrace & Bath, 35 m2

hotel room with terrace, bath and steamshower

Type C2: Familyroom with Terrace, Bath & Steamsauna, 47 m2

hotel geulzicht castle hotel room with roman bath |

Type D: Roman Bath and view on the Geulvalley, 47 m2

E 2perskamer whirlpoolstoomsauna800px

Type E: Whirlpool & Hydrosauna, 28 m2

Castle hotel tower room |

Type T: Towerroom, 3 x 15 = 45 m2

Slaapkamer Torenkamer Kasteelhotel Geulzicht Towerroom Castlehotel Geulzicht

Towerroom, bedroom

Bungalow Rooms in Annexbuilding

Familiekamer Bungalow 104 naast hotel kasteel Geulzicht

104: Bungalow Familyroom with Bath, 45 m2 in Annexbuilding

Bungalow 204 comfort twinroom annex building castle hotel geulzicht

204: Bungalowroom with Whirlpool, 35 m2 in Annexbuilding

Map of Rooms in Castle

Click in the maps below: you can see 360° views of the rooms.

Map of castlehotel Valkenburg Maastricht, castle hotel rooms |

room with whirlpool/hydrosauna room with roman bath room with roman bath room with roman bath and view at the geulvalley 4 room with roman bath 5 standard room with bath 6 standard room with bath 7 comfort room with terrace 8 familyroom with terrace

castle hotel rooms castle hotel geulzicht |

Map of Tower room

Map of Rooms in Bungalow

Click in the map below: you can see 360° views of the rooms.

map annex building castle hotel maastricht valkenburg

bungalow near castle hotel near Maastricht and Valkenburg |