Type B, Roman Bath, 34 m²

Parcival and Walewijn

This comfort rooms with Roman Bath offer you all the comfort you need.

Have a good night of sleep in our twin beds boxspring of 0.9 x 2.10 m.

The room features a minibar, flatscreen tv, trouser press, private safe and Coffee & Tea maker. Free WiFi.

A Roman bath is from marble and sunk in the floor. It can have 600 liter water in it.

These rooms are standard published as 2-persons room.  An extra person in the room is possible. The extra bed costs € 35,-- including breakfast for guests from 7 and up. For children till 6 years we charge € 14,--. 

There are two rooms of this type in castle hotel Geulzicht: Parcival (35m²) and Walewijn (33m²)

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Parcival: Room 2, type B with Roman Bath. 35 m²














Click in the photo to see 360° view of the entire room.

room type B with roman bath castle hotel holland

Walewijn: Room 5, type B with Roman Bath. 33 m²


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Roman Bath in castle hotel Geulzicht